Updates on Eden Recovery and Resilience Alliance

We have appointed a new Community Development Officer (Eric Wolske). Eric will represent Eden via the Eden Recovery & Resilience Alliance. Eric brings a wealth of corporate knowledge to the position and has hit the ground running getting to know who’s who in the zoo (aka Eden).

Eden has a Priorities Document which has recently been updated (attached below FYI) and Eric, in his role, will support local projects as well as work towards improving the social and economic outlook for Eden by promoting and advocating for diversified local industry and the advancement of Eden. One of his first tasks will be to further the “Eden Trails” project which is seen locally as a win-win project. This project has the potential to inject much needed jobs in the short term and in the longer term improve local visitation and therefore trading for local businesses, especially through the winter months. This project aims to build a world class mountain bike trail which will see people coming to Eden at all times of the year. This will mean increased accommodation, food and service use in our town. Another project driven by volunteers to support our local economy.

The August issue of The Eden Connection newsletter is packed with interesting bits and pieces. Most interesting are the contributions from different groups around town about the projects they are undertaking and the progress of those projects. We will make this a regular feature of future editions as locals have expressed an interest. Another local endeavour is to look into the feasibility of getting high-speed internet to Eden. This would attract and enable decentralisation of business and government departments to regional areas. The possibility of a micro-grid for Eden will also be investigated. A Micro-grid is a small network of electricity users with a local source of supply that is usually attached to a centralized national grid but is able to function independently. Again this would reduce household electricity costs and make Eden less reliant on the national grid. These are some really exciting projects and investigations to the benefit of locals. The Eden Recovery & Resilience Alliance, is supporting some of these endeavours and if you are interested in lending a hand/information or expertise please email us at admin@eden.nsw.au and we will send you details of our next meeting.