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Welcome to Eden
Aslings Beach
Green Cape
Meet some locals
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Explore Eden's facinating history
Explore Eden's facinating history
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This website is bought to you by the Eden Community Access Centre
Boyds Tower is at the northern end of the Light to Light Walk, listed in this years Australian Geographic's Top 10 day walks in Oz an NZ
Boyds Tower

Eden connect community Newsletter

Issue 62 June 29



Welcome to our Community Website

Eden occupies a position on the narrowest section of the coastal plain, surrounded by rugged hills that lead into the Great Dividing Range. The town clusters along the beaches of Twofold Bay, guarded by the background bulk of Mount Imlay.

This area is home to some of the most magnificent scenery, and visitors to our area will find much to delight them. The dictionary definition of Eden is ‘delightful abode' and ‘state of supreme happiness.' We think that is a very apt description of our community.

The area was inhabited by the Thawa tribe of the Yuin nation before white settlement. In 1828 a whaling station was set up and continued to operate until the 1930s.

Come, join us and explore this region. Meet the people, enjoy our beaches and walk in the footsteps of those who went before. Steep yourself in the history and the panorama that we are grateful to call home.


Eden From the north


This website is an ongoing community project initiated by the Eden Community Access Centre Inc. We invite others to accept the challenge, join in and make this site truly representative of our community. Help us to ensure this site reaches its full potential and becomes a strong voice for our town.

We hope this site will become your gateway to Eden. Through it you will be linked to every aspect of our town. We welcome your contributions, comments, questions and suggestions about any aspect of this site.

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