Community Hub

The Community Hub Project

The Community Hub project sets out to create a fit for purpose facility to host the shared delivery of services across commonwealth, state and local governments; community service providers; community-based organisations; and vocational and tertiary education providers.

It may also incorporate a community co-working space, community meeting facilities, skills and training facilities, and a commercial kitchen which could be used as both a hospitality facility and a resource during times of disaster response and recovery.

Development of the Hub concept will be undertaken in consultation with the Eden community.


  • Stage 1 – November 2021

Expansion of the Eden Community Access Centre within the Gateway Building.

What challenges will the project address?

A well-resourced community hub will be a strong foundation and focus for the building of social and economic capacity and resilience in Eden. 

It would provide a community gathering place; somewhere for people to meet and to consult with and support one another. A place where people can connect with and access a range of support services.

The Hub could also provide a base for coordinating disaster response and community recovery.

How will this work?

The Eden Gateway Project in partnership with Council is stage one of the Community Hub project.

In November 2021, ECAC will sign a new three-year lease with Council and as part of this, will expand its physical footprint in the Gateway complex in Mitchell Street.

Consultation and community engagement will be a key component of this project. Some consultation has already been conducted as part of research carried out in 2018 which identified twelve organisations with a desire to use offices and meeting rooms in Eden on an hourly or daily basis, along with associated booking and reception services.

A community survey that year asked community members what they would like to access in a Hub. The results identified counselling services and preventative mental health support; IT facilities; adult education and training; youth training facilities, children’s activities including school holiday activities; full face-to-face Centrelink and Medicare services; events; meeting spaces and hot desks; a quiet study area for and social connection activities such as art and other recreational activities.


We are currently exploring opportunities for funding the development of the Community Hub.

Connection to ECAC’s mission statement

The Community Hub project connects to the following ECAC objectives:

  • An inclusive environment encouraging participation from all groups and fostering positive relations
  • Build community social and economic capacity
  • Develop local solutions to local problems
  • Raise the aspirations of individuals and unlock the potential of community

Frequently Asked Questions

The Community Hub project is in its early stages of development. It may take a number of years to finalise the project.

The Hub will be managed by the Eden Community Access Centre in partnership with stakeholders.

Through grants, philanthropic contributions and any surplus generated through its operations.

Who to talk to – Carina Severs

Carina is the ECAC manager.

You can email Carina at or phone 0264963970

Banner photo credit: Peter Whiter