The Project Lab

2023 Project Lab projects

The Eden Community Access Centre Project Lab brings members of the community together to discuss ideas and work on projects designed to strengthen and better prepare Eden and surrounds for an uncertain future.

The Access Centre made a commitment to continue funding the Lab from July 2023 through to June 2024 in response to recommendations made in the Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Resilience Strategic Plan finalised in June 2023 by Dr Jodie Stewart and her project team.

In its first year the Lab has hosted a range of community participants and guests. Guests have included members of local emergency services, representatives from Disaster Relief Australia, Bega Valley Shire councillors and council staff.

Ideas were workshopped in the early weeks of the Project Lab, based on the identified community priorities set out in the strategic plan which are:
● Improved education, information and training
● Effective communication with neighbours and between the community and authorities
● Improved social connection

These priorities were identified through a rigorous community engagement process conducted by the Disaster Preparedness Project team.

As 2023 progressed, two key projects gained shape and momentum. Through the Lab, these projects have been built from the ground up by the community as practical ways to improve Eden’s preparedness.

1. Eden 2551 Emergency Preparedness Guide

A simple two page paper and digital guide about what to expect and how to prepare for an emergency. The information is specific to Eden and surrounds. It emphasises preparation and the importance of having a plan and leaving early. It also explains how local emergencies are managed, including the decision-making process for standing up evacuation centres. You can view the Emergency Preparedness Guide here.

The guide was delivered to letterboxes throughout the 2551 postcode area towards the end of 2023. It is also available on the Eden Community Access Centre website and in hard copy form from the Access Centre on the corner of Mitchell and Imlay Streets, Eden. Holiday accommodation providers have copies for their guests.

The guide has been reviewed by local emergency services representatives and will be regularly updated in consultation with them. 

If you have feedback about the Guide please contact Carina Severs on

2. Prepared to Party

There’s nothing quite like a street party for bringing people together and building the strong connections needed when emergencies happen.

The Prepared to Party project came about as a way to encourage locals to meet their neighbours in person and to bring back good old street-based catch ups.

The project team has created a two page guide with tips on holding a street party. It also explains how powerful a simple get together can be.

The goal is for streets to hold parties more than just once a year and the hope is that, over time, neighbours will swap contact details and create a way to communicate with one another when emergencies happen.

Here’s a link to the flyer and to the invitation template you can use to invite your neighbours to a party.

If you have feedback please contact Carina Severs on

Other emerging projects

The Lab will reconvene in February 2024 and already three projects are beginning to take shape.

1. Creative Eden – a focus on street art both permanent and temporary.
2. Environment – information and education about protecting local marine life
3.  Community Hub – building a case for approval and funding for the construction of a multi-purpose community facility 

We welcome all new participants and ideas. If you have any questions please email