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Seamens Memorial

Timber Workers Memorial

Eden War Memorial



Seamens Memorial


This  memorial is located in Rotary Park near Lookout Point at the end of Imlay Street, Eden.  Google Map


It was erected by the people of Eden following the loss of the trawler 'Shiralee' with all hands on 10th August, 1978, as a memorial to all seamen who have sailed from the Port of Eden and have been lost to the sea with their bodies never recovered.


The names of 24 unfortunate souls are displayed on plaques on the wall and within the nearby circular garden.


The earliest name commemorated is that of Peter Lia, a Norwegian lad of 22, who was the only whaler to have ever been killed during the 100 year history of shore-based whaling from Twofold Bay.

On the night of 28th September, 1881 two of the Davidson whaling boats had harpooned a large Right Whale and were being towed by it when it suddenly turned, came up beneath one of the boats and smashed it in halves with its tail flukes. Peter Lia was the unfortunate oarsman directly beneath the path of the tail. All other crew members were rescued by the surviving boat and the search for Peter then proved fruitless and his body was never recovered.


Two of the plaques tragically bear two names, both fathers and sons, who were lost to the sea on separate occasions.





Timber Workers Memorial


The National Timber Workers Memorial was officially dedicated on 7 June, 2008. It's plaques remembers timber workers from all over Australia who were killed while at work. The memorial is situated in the heart of Eden, in Wellings Park, bounded by Stanley Street and Mitchell Street, a short distance south from Eden town centre.  Google map


This emotional project was initiated by the mother of Geoffrey Munday after his death in 2001 following a tree-felling accident. The Axeman's Association, along with an Eden community-based steering group formed in 2002 to start work on this project. The Memorial was developed through generous donations, local volunteer workers, and a Grant from the Federal Government.


It incorporates a life sized statue of a timber worker (by sculptor Rix Wright)giving assistance to his injured mate, symbolising the mateship and compassion of our bush workers, together with a memorial wall on which the fatally injured workers are honoured by individual brass plaques.


Four bas reliefs which depict the work practices of the timber industry are also incorporated in the wall.


The pergolas and entrance have been constucted from timbers from the old Tarraganda Bridge near Bega as well as bridge timber from Victoria. Written information about the Eden district timber industry is displayed on six bollards within the central circle of the site.  Another bollard shows a poem by Mrs. Gillian Munday, whose son was fatally injured in the bush.


The timber industry is perhaps one of the oldest continuous forms of employment in Australia with the harvesting of our forests to provide shelter, furniture, land and livestock fencing starting from the time of first settlement.


While the risks inherent in this industry may have been greatly reduced since we moved into the computer age from that of axe, saw, bullock team and steam train, our timber workers still must always be alert to everpresent danger.


The establishment of this Memorial to commemorate the many timber workers fatally injured throughout Australia has been made possible by the commitment and support of the local community and businesses as well as the families of the workers killed, together with funding from the Australian Government.


Details of those remembered on this memorial can be found at the community walk Timber Workers Memorial.


Although situated on the Princes Highway there is ample parking in Stanley Street beside the park.


A community group committed to
honouring the many local timber

workers fatally injured on the job.

Secretary: Marie Slater PO Box 247 Eden, NSW  2551

The Memorial has a website with contact details for people withing to add to the memorial.



Timberworkers memorial Eden NSW




Eden War Memorial


Overlooking the ocean Eden's War memorial is located in RSL park in Calle Calle Street.

On one side is the WW1 memorial, listing Eden and District men who served on continuous full time war service in The Great War and on the other is the WW2 & Vietnam memorial. Also remembered are Eden voluntees for the US Army Service of Supply and U.S. Army pilots from the 8th Squadron 49th Fighter Group.


This plaque commenorates the men and boys who volunteered from the port of Eden to man the US Army volunteered from the port of Eden to man the US Army Small Ships which supplied Australian and American servicemen fighting the Japenese in New Guinea, the Phillipines and other areas in the South West Pacific.


Over 3000 Australians served in these small ships and many did not return to their homeland.  Some were as young as fifteen and others over sixty.  This plaque is dedicated to all those crew members who served in the defence of their country.   Click here to see clearer names of crew members

 In memory of U.S. Army pilots of the 8th Squadron 49th Fighter Group

who became lost in this area in bad weather while on a training exersise from Canberra on 28th March 1942, Lt. A.E. 'Doc' Fielder, Lt. Chester Namola, Lt. Neal T. Takala & John J. Musial.