Media Release


RSL LifeCare to address public meeting about the future of
Eden’s Nullica Lodge

22 November 2022

Representatives of RSL LifeCare, the current lessee of Nullica Lodge (also known as Roy Wotton Gardens) will address members of the Eden community at a public meeting to be held on Tuesday 6 December.

Eden Recovery and Resilience Alliance (ERRA), a collaboration between the Eden Community Access Centre, the Eden Chamber of Commerce and the Eden Visitor Information Centre, is facilitating the public meeting in response to concerns expressed by community members.

ERRA chairperson Carina Severs said RSL LifeCare had been invited to address the meeting and to respond to questions about its plans for the former aged care facility.

“We have been waiting patiently for many months since the closure of Nullica Lodge to understand RSL LifeCare’s plans. It is very positive they have accepted our invitation to attend the meeting,” Ms Severs said.

“Nullica Lodge is lying empty and has not operated as a functioning facility for almost 12 months. Meanwhile the housing crisis in the region is growing.

“We look forward to understanding more about where RSL LifeCare is at with any plans to reopen. We’re an ageing community with critical housing needs and Nullica Lodge is a vital yet currently stranded community asset.”

Ms Severs said the meeting will be facilitated by Eden Uniting & Anglicare Chaplain Reverend Michael Palmer. Other speakers include Mick Brosnan from the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast who will speak about the local housing crisis and Councillor Joy Robin who will detail the history of Nullica Lodge.

“Ensuring the community is informed about the future of Nullica Lodge is essential. There is confusion about its status and any potential for it to be used to address the community’s social and retirement housing challenges.

“We understand current legislation and the Crown Land zoning deed restrict how the facility can be used. Given that, we are keen for the community to know what is possible and to have a voice in Nullica Lodge’s future.

“For example, is there potential to return the asset to its original status as a hostel providing affordable accommodation for seniors and supported accommodation for people with a disability.”

Nullica Lodge was built as an asset for the community, by the community, and it was only right that the people of Eden be consulted about its future, Ms Severs said.

“Eden has adequate residential aged-care facilities. What we need is an accommodation solution for vulnerable but independent aged and disabled people in the community.

The Future of Nullica Lodge public meeting will be held at the Eden RSL Memorial Hall, Calle Calle Street Eden, starting at 5.30pm.

Members of the community wishing to submit questions ahead of the meeting should email by Wednesday 30 November.

Community members can register to attend the meeting via Eventbrite or by emailing Carina Severs at

Visit Eden Community Access Centre’s website for more information about ERRA’s Nullica Lodge Reactivation Project.

Photo: ERRA Chairperson Carina Severs and Councillor Joy Robin pictured outside Nullica Lodge, Eden

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