Dr Michael Holland MP congratulates Eden Recovery & Resilience Alliance

Dr Michael Holland MP met with representatives from the Eden Community Access Centre, Chamber of Commerce and the Eden Recovery & Resilience Alliance to discuss community led projects and opportunities.

Snug Cove Precinct was high on the agenda with discussions centreing on the need to promote more vigorous collaboration for with Government Departments around the need for infrastructure. Infrastructure such as green spaces, seating, toilet upgrade and a children’s space (playground or similar) The need for beautification works to compliment the containers was also discussed. Protection from adverse weather in the form of shade sails or awning, trees, gardens, seating, recycling facilities, lighting and security to ensure the area is aesthetically pleasing, welcoming and all weather.

Issues surrounding the local housing crisis were discussed in particular how local organisations are investigating underutilised or vacant public assets. Nullica Lodge, the old town fire station and the preschool building to name a few could potentially be repurposed for community use or take the pressure of the current housing crisis.

Volunteer burnout was highlighted as an issue with many local service groups. Volunteer rates declining due to the increased demands placed on community organisations and the commitment required of individuals to support their community.

Dr Holland congratulated the local Eden Recovery & Resilience Alliance (ERRA) for its proactive and collaborative approach to the economic and social development our community. Dr Holland committed to advocating the ERRA priorities to government on behalf of the Eden Community.