The amateur fisherman coming to Eden is spoiled for choice between ocean and bay, lakes and rivers, beaches and rock-hopping. There is a wide choice of estuaries within a small radius of the town (many of which are reserved for recreational fishing), and the number of surf or bay beaches and rocky promontories in relatively pristine surroundings is staggering.


The Sapphire Coast is renowned for both the clarity and colour of its waters as well as the variety of its fish. So whether you like dangling a line, finding and casting out into promising gutters or scrabbling across rocks, there is somewhere special near here just for you. And to aid your success, check weather conditions  to make sure that the prevailing conditions are working with and not against you.


If you are relatively new to this great past-time, we've cobbled together some fishing tips from authoritative sources that may help you land a good catch. If you are successful, the Sydney Fish Markets offer some really good recipes with which to prepare your catch for the table. And if you want to add to that feast, here's a recipe for Eden Mussels

If all goes against you and the catch is low, you are still in the right place because, as NSW's largest fishing port, some superb seafood is commercially available from a variety of sources in Eden.


Visitors to NSW may not be aware that a license is required before you wet a line. These are generally obtainable from bait and tackle shops. For more information click here. You must also obey size and bag limits per species.

Bream fishing


A History of the fishing industry in Eden by Geoff Collet