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Curalo Lake

Curalo Lake is a shallow lake (less than 2 metres)which opens to the sea at Aslings Beach. There is no boat ramp. A boardwalk extends along the south edge. Close to Eden township. It is haven for a variety of birdlife and marine life.

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whale in esturay

Twofold Bay

Twofold Bay divides into two parts: Calle Calle Bay to the North is more open to the ocean winds & swell. The larger, southern bay is more protected with a number of coves and inlets. The bay is up to 35m deep with a total area of 35sq km. Only seaworthy boats should venture out onto the bay as conditions can change quickly and seas become quite rough.

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Kiah Inlet Towamba River

Kiah Inlet enters Twofold Bay on its southern shores near East Boyd. It is a declared recreational fishing haven accessed by boat (care should be exercised as the entrance is severely shoaled) or by a 0.5km walk from the Davidson Whaling Station car park.

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Gipsy Point boat ramp

Gypsy Point on Mallacoota Inlet

Gypsy Point is on the eastern reach of Mallacoota Inlet, which is a huge and varied waterways expanse. From here you can venture upstream to Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers or downstream to the Top and Bottom Lakes. The estuary is surrounded by National Parks and well protected from winds upstream from the Top Lake.

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Wonboyn Lake

Largely surrounded by East Boyd and Nadgee State Forests as well as the Nadgee Nature Reserve, the picturesque, 3.6 sq km Wonboyn Lake is fed by the Wonboyn River and is largely navigable, except nearer the entrance where it shoals. Depths can be less than 0.5m at low tide. The village general store supplies food, tackle, bait and fuel, with the boat ramp just down from the store at Myrtle Cove. Google Map


Nadgee River

Nadgee River is only accessible to dedicated and prepared bush walkers using a 4WD vehicle. The last 5 to 6km must be walked. The river is wholly within the Nadgee Nature Reserve which is largely undisturbed and uninhabited. The river is intermittently open to the ocean. Nadgee Lake is much further to the south near the Victorian border and for all practical purposes is inaccessible. Park Map