Eden and the surrounding area of the Sapphire Coast is renowned for pristine, picturesque beaches of striking contrasts, including pounding surf, tranquil coves, lush estuary lakes and rugged headlands.

Some are fully patrolled. Some are close to towns. Others are remote and isolated. All are lapped by the beautiful, crystal clear, sapphire-tinged, ocean water for which this region is duly named and duly famous.


Whether your passion is for surfing, swimming, sun-bathing, fishing, walking the dog, strolling or beachcombing, you are sure to find a site perfect for your leisure and recreational pursuits. Some of the more isolated beaches are accessible by boat or hiking for the more adventurous.


Aslings Beach

The beach stretches for 2km from an ocean-fed, rock tidal pool, to the entrance of Lake Curalo. This is the main surf beach of Eden, accessed by road from town centre to Curalo Lake. The walkway begins at the clifftop viewing platform, extending to the Lake, offering striking views of the surf, bay, south and north heads. A large pod of dolphins can often be seen leaping in the surf, particularly in the warmer weather. It is an ideal beach for surfing and paragliding.

Aslings Beach looking North Aslings Beach boardwalk view

The beach is only patrolled during the Christmas period.

Facilities - toilets/changing rooms, showers, parking bays, viewing platform, walkways, tidal swimming pool, leash-free
dog areas and lake access to the north. Town centre nearby. 

Dogs: Dogs are prohibited between 8 am to 6pm from Dec 1 to Apr 30 and also at all times when lifeguards
are in attendance dogs are prohibited from within 100m of the patrolled zone.

Dogs are allowed of leach at all time from Cualo Lagoon entrance south to the skate park.   
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Long Beach and Pinnacles

Long Beach has two intervening but readily negotiable rocky outcrops, within the northern precinct of Ben Boyd National Park. It stretches for over 10km north from Terrace Point and includes Haycock Point, Pinnacles Beach. Access is via Haycock Road from the Princes Highway, about 8kms north of Eden township. Various walking tracks are available for keen hikers. However the walks are up to 500ms and there is a long climb down to Long Beach near the Pinnacles.

Long Beach looking South Long Beach looking North Long Beach

The beach is unpatrolled.

Facilities - non-flush toilets, picnic tables with wood BBQs (bring your own wood), bush walks and lookout points.
Dogs are not permitted in National Parks. 
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Barmouth Beach

Barmouth Beach is on the southern shore of the entrance and bar to Pambula Lake. It is a very pretty beach and the water is calm - ideal for swimming, snorkelling and fishing. The view is spectacular along the coast to Pambula Beach, within the northern precinct of Ben Boyd National Park. It can be reached from the end of Haycock Road. 

Barmouth Beach Barmouth Beach Barmouth Beach looking toward Severs Beach

The beach is unpatrolled.

Facilities - picnic tables with wood BBQs (bring your own wood), bush walks and lookout points.
Dogs are not permitted in National Parks.


Short Point Beach

Short Point Beach is over 3km long stretching from Merimbula in the south. Access is via Short Point Rd. Tura Beach village is further north with beach access from Surf Circuit. Knee-deep Back Lagoon is accessible from Short Point Beach which is patrolled during the summer season. North Tura Beach is within Bournda National Park - right turn from Sapphire Coast Road into Widgeram Road, and park fees apply.  

Short Point Beach Short Point Beach towards South Short Point Beach towards North

Tura Beach is not patrolled.

Facilities - Short Point: toilets, parking, park benches, seasonal kiosk, parkland.
Facilities - Tura Beach: parking. 

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Green Cape Cliff (view from lighthouse)

Green Cape is one of the most dangerous regions on the coast for ships and in the past many ships were lost on the reefs, most famously the Ly-Ee-Moon which was carrying Mary McKillop's mother to Sydney from Melbourne.  The colour of the sea is a beautiful sapphire blue - the colour that gave the region its name. Green Cape is 25km south of Eden in Ben Boyd National Park, off the Princes Hwy. The road is rough and unsealed for most of the way, so great care is needed.  Nevertheless the trip is worth it to see the stunning seas and abundant wildlife.

View from Green Cape cliffs Green Cape view to north View to south from Green Cape

Facilities - Green Cape Lighthouse, commemmoration stone for Ly-Ee-Moon shipwreck victims.
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Cocora Beach

Cocora Beach is a pretty, sheltered beach on the southern side of Eden on Ida Rodd Drive. Being in the southern sub-embayment of Twofold Bay the waters are generally more tranquil. It is a popular family picnic spot, with leafy walks beside the small lagoon, as well as cliffside tracks around the inlet.

Cocora Beach looking south cocora beach 4 Cocora Beach looking north

The area is unpatrolled.

Facilities - toilets, showers, picnic area with BBQ facilities, children's playground. Shady parking area.
Dogs are prohibited between 8am to 6pm from Dec 1 to Apr 30.
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Boydtown Beach and Nullica River

Boydtown Beach is a broad expanse, stretching almost 3km along the shores of the southern sub-embayment of Twofold Bay, from Nullica River entrance, past the Seahorse Inn at Boydtown and around toward Torarago Point (which can be reached at low tide). The waters are pristine and tranquil toward the southern end. Popular for swimmers, divers, fishermen, wind-surfers.
Nullica Lake is an estuary on Boydtown Beach.

Boydtown Beach Nullica Inlet Boydtown Beach South

The area is unpatrolled.

Facilities - non-flush toilets, picnic tables, wood fire (bring your own wood), lagoon parking at Nullica River end, Seahorse Inn, lagoon parking at Boydtown end. Dog leash-free zone.
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Saltwater Creek Beach

Saltwater Creek is within the southern precinct of Ben Boyd National Park and offers a camping ground. This picturesque spot is popular for fishing, swimming, snorkelling and diving with bush walks and a lovely lagoon nearby. It is 34km south of Eden. Turn left off the Princes Highway onto Edrom Rd 18km south, then follow Park signs.

Saltwater Creek Beach    Saltwater Creek Beach Rocks    Saltwater Creek Beach

The area is unpatrolled. Road is unsealed.Facilities -non-flush toilets, picnic tables, wood fire (bring your own wood), gas/electric BBQs, camping, rainwater tanks.
Dogs are not permitted in National Parks.
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Disaster Bay

Bracketed by Ben Boyd National Park to the north and Nadgee Nature Rerserve to the south, Disaster Bay is an 8km beach, split by the headland and deep channel at the entrance to Wonboyn Lake. Access by 4WD vehicles is recommended, or you can launch a boat at Myrtle Cove on Wonboyn Lake. A popular fishing spot with the locals, both the tranquil waters and surf beaches are also suitable for water sports.

Disaster Bay

Disaster Bay 2

The area is unpatrolled. Dogs are not permitted in National Parks. No facilities.
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