On the Water

The Port of Eden can lay claim to having the third deepest harbour in the world. It not only lets this part of the Sapphire Coast accommodate commercial shipping, Navy vessels and ocean liners, but equally lends itself to a variety of recreational pursuits. With a choice between many ocean beaches, beautiful estuaries, sheltered bay areas and port facilities plus the cleanest, clearest waters in NSW, Eden is an outstanding destination for all types of water sports.
Some of them are listed below together, with links to more expert sites in that particular activity.
Two major weather systems meet in this corner of the continent, so when planning a days outing check  weather for current predictions. Eden Coastal Waters Forecast: Montague Island to Gabo Island
Snug Cove: Cafes and restaurants are right beside the water. Watch the trawlers unload their catch, look out for seals, pelicans and a variety of sea birds while you wait for your meal.
Beaches & Estuaries: Eden has many fine beaches and you will always find one that is out of the wind.  Soak up the sun and discover the vast array of marine life that exists beneath the waves. Visit the Eden Marine Discovery Centre at Snug Cove to learn more about our marine environment.
surfing Surfing: While not being in quite the class of Byron Bay or Bell's, the Sapphire Coast has much to offer the surfer with its miriad beaches, with differing aspects, reefs and bomboras, and crystal clear waters. There are surf beaches for all levels of experience.

Diving: With two wrecks purposely sunk for divers during the 1980's plus 25 more wreck in the Twofold Bay / Disaster Bay area together with many reefs and estuaries, there is much for divers to explore in the Eden area and our outstanding water clarity ensures visibility. But don't just take our word for it. Find out more at Michael McFadyen's Scuba Diving Web Site and NSW Heritage Office report

yacht Yachting & Boating: Twofold Bay's sailing history goes right back to the beginnings of the colony and the wide expanses of this deep bay offer excellent sailing for all classes keel and dinghy.  The Twofold Bay Yacht Club welcomes visitors with its many facilities and has regular fixtures. Important information for small boat owners visiting Eden.
Facilities at the Port of Eden are also available for larger, cruising vessels.
parasurfing Wind & Kite Surfing: Twofold Bay and the Sapphire Coast offer a great range of conditions and locales for wind and kite surfers. Here is a link to the Australian Windsurfing site as well as a more specialised site for Kite Surfers. The Seabreeze site offers live graphics for current wind and weather conditions. Aslings Beach is popular for this activity.

Kayaking & Canoeing: Whether kayaking down the waves or just paddling in placid lakes or estuaries, the Far South Coast is not wanting for beautiful clear water sites to suit any level of experience. Here is a link to the NSW Sea Kayak Club which includes the events and regional reports.  Canoeists might be more interested in the Australian Canoeing Online site.

Ocean Wilderness Sea Kayaking offer half-day and trips from Eden & over-night trips. All trips include a half-hour instructional session and safety brief.
humpback Whale Watching: A less strenuous but equally thrilling activity is whale watching in Twofold Bay. Humpbacks and Southern Right Whales follow the coastline, and can be seen usually between September and early December. A siren alerts residents to the arrival of whales in the bay. View the whales from high vantage points around the bay or from one of many charter vessels
Learn more of Eden's rich whaling history and visit the Eden Killer Whale Museum.