National Parks

Eden is surrounded by National Parks and State Forests which offer many opportunities to explore with pleasant, easy strolls or longer, scenic walks with the famous 'Light to Light' 3-day trek from Green Cape to Gabo Island for more dedicated bushwalkers.


In its June 2015 edition, Australian Geographic named Ben Boyd National Park amongst its top 10 day walks in Australia and New Zealand. Describing the park as offering "amazing views of the wild Pacific Ocean", "the chance to spot abundant marine life", and "magic fauna matched by the landscape itself"




Located just south of Eden the Southern end of Ben Boyd National Park not only has much in the way of natural beauty to offer the visitor but also contains fascinating historical sites such as Boyd's Tower, Davidson's Whaling Station and Green Cape Lighthouse.

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Exploring Ben Boyd National Park - South 

Light to Light Walk: from Boyd's Tower to Green Cape Lighthouse

Barmouth Beach  


Beautiful sandy beaches, dramatic rocks, bushland and rivers - there are many sites and activities that can be enjoyed at Ben Boyd National Park North.

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Exploring Ben Boyd National Park - North



Mt Imaly (Balawan as known by local Aboriginal people) is a prominent landmark between the South East Forests and the coast rising to 886 metres.  Mt Imlay National Park covers an area of about 4822 ha and is heavily forested, mostly eucalypt though it contains some of the most southerly subtropical rainforest on the east coast. 

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Exploring Mt Imlay Summit Track

Mark and Mann climb Mt Imlay on Youtube




The park spans 100 km of spectacular coastal escarpment, tableland edge and hinterland country in the south-east corner of NSW. To the north is the Bega Valley with a scenic backdrop of rugged, forested mountain peaks, and sweeping escarpment. Landscapes in the middle of the park feature a ring of mountainous country and include gorges and deep valleys that descend into the picturesque Towamba River valley below. In the far south mountains rising to 1000 m descend into the plateaus that lead into the remote gorges of the Genoa wilderness.

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Exploring South East Forests National Park




A place of great beauty and conservation significance, with saltwater and freshwater lakes, a lagoon, a creek and beaches. Most of the park has open forest or scrub communities with small patches of coastal warm temperate rainforest next to permanent or semi-permanent watercourses throughout the park and extensive areas of scrub along dunes and heathlands in undisturbed areas of the park. Kangaroos, wallabies and possums are common in the park as well as several threatened species.
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Bournda National Park


The projectoccupies 77 hectares with a system of walking tracks leading to freshwater billabongs, saltmarsh, historic points, information panels and birdwatching areas. Off Bullara St, Pambula 20km North of Eden.

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A note of caution about the wildlife:
Kangaroos and wallabies
are powerful animals with long, sharp claws.  They should not be approached alone by small children as if they were "Skippy". Dingoes roam the National Parks and forests and will scavenge unattended food or bait.  Eagles will take small, roaming dogs. Wombats can use their sharp claws if blocked from all means of escape. Look where you are about to place your feet, especially when clambering over fallen logs. Snakes (and other reptiles) sun themselves on warm rocks and in sunny spots like tracks. Don't disturb rocks or poke around in tree hollows. There's probably something living there that is best left undisturbed. Deadly Blue Ringed Octopus live in ocean rock pools.