Hotel Australasia


A landmark building in Imlay Street for more than a century, the Hotel Australasia was the last of Eden's nearly two dozen hotels to be constructed & the most recent to close it's doors.


Mrs. Sabina Pike purchased the one acre allotment that would become the site of the hotel in late 1904, paying £500. This was reportedly the highest price paid for land in the township for a forty year period. In the wake of the purchase, local media reported on Mrs. Pikes intention to build "...a large up to date hotel..." on the block & by December 1904 she had awarded the construction contract to Mr. John Hines. With plans to erect a two-storey 43-room brick structure "...on up to date lines...", it is believed that the move was made in response to the expectation that Twofold Bay would become the site of Australia's federal port. More detailed information on the history Hotel Australasia on South Coast Time Traveller.


The hotel was closed in March 2012 and in April 2013 was sold to Artarmon-based retail development company Great Southern Developments Pty Ltd who proposed to build a supermarket, liquor store and retail tenancy on the site of the 110-year-old building. After protests from local residents the council passed a motion early in 2014 to include the building under Schedule 5 of the Comprehensive Local Environment Plan 2013 as a heritage item and rejected the development application.


The developer of the Hotel Australasia site has confirmed that a petition against the refusal for development of the land will be heard in the Land and Environment Court on April 28. Great Southern Developments director Rodney Thompson was reported in the Magnet as saying the council's decision has done nothing to discourage his company and he currently has no plans to retain sections of the building alongside a supermarket development, should the situation come to that.


While many sections of the community have voiced their concerns about the impact of a third supermarket in Eden, Mr Thompson believes it is something the town needs due to its lack of a major industry.


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