Eden's Log Cabin


Before the erection of the Log Cabin the guides would rent Begaville House for their meetings. John Logan's youngest daughter was an active member of the guides and the original site for the cabin was bought by Logan in 1935 from the Presbyterian church and a scale model of a Log Cabin proposal was made to convince the Guides Association in Sydney of its merits. The model, made of dowel and wooden matchboxes, is still available for inspection at the Killer Whale Museum.  The final cost of the building was 1500 pounds ($3000) with 500 pounds contributed by the Guides and the balance from John R Logan.  Much of the erection of the building was achieved through working bees organised by Logan and the other guides parents.


The Opening Ceremony was held on February 29, 1936.  Unfortunately, John Logan died in August 1937.  The Eden Girl Guide activities ceased shortly after this time due to the prospect of World War II and lack of leaders.


Mrs Logan then sold Edrom Lodge, the family home since 1914, on the south side of Twofold Bay. She bought the Log Cabin from the Girl Guide Association, and lived there until shortly before her death in 1963. The property was then acquired by a succession of private owners who made a number of structural changes.


The Shire Council at the time (Imlay Shire) acquired the property in 1979 to house the Eden Town Library. The Library was relocated during December 2003, and the Eden Log Cabin Management Committee was appointed by the Bega Valley Shire Council in 2004 and commenced restoration of the building.


Since then much work has been done to bring the building back to it's original state.  Floors have been polished and facilities like the kitchen and toilet updated.  The main room features a pebble fireplace.


Today the cabin is available to rent.  The main room features a wall hanging systen which is ideal for art and craft displays and the Eden Spinners and the Eden Quilters Craft Groups both meet weekly in the cabin. There are enough table and chairs to seat thirty, with more available if needed.


Images of Eden's Girl Guide Hall circa 1936 from the Wellings Collection at the National Library of Australia


The cabin is available for hire phone: 02 6496 2980

The Chairman of The Eden Log Cabin

Management Committee Chairman can be contacted at 02 6496 3641

Eden Log Cabin Interier


Source: Edrom Lodge 100 Years 1912-2012 by H. F.. Wembridge