Historic Sites


Largely because of its fine harbour and the early shore-based whaling activities from Twofold Bay, Eden has a very long history. By the end of 1861 Eden's population declined to 265 permanent residents with a floating population of mariners.  As was the way in most frontier towns of the era most of the population was housed in bark or slab huts as well as wattle and daub constructions.  None of these survive today.  A wooden lighthouse was constructed at Lookout Point in 1860 but can now only be seen in drawings.

The few more substantial buildings of stone or brick were mostly hotels.  The 'Eden Hotel' (now the 'Great Southern Hotel') is the only survivor, built in 1847 as a combined hotel and grocery store.

Many early buildings were of wooden construction and the bushfires that periodically ravage this area have taken a number of more substantial stone buildings.  Buildings that survive together with our historic monuments and attractions, are indicated on the maps below.

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1.  Seaman's Memorial Wall

2.  Timber Workers' Memorial

3.  Great Southern Hotel

4. Crown & Anchor Hotel, Half House,

Court House  & Cocora Cottage

5.  St. George's Church

6.  Killer Whale Museum

7.  Eden Public School

8.  Eden Log Cabin

9.  Marine Discovery Centre


A.  Davidson Whaling Station

B.  Seahorse Inn and Boydtown

C.  Boyd's Tower

D.  Edrom Lodge

E.  Green Cape Lighthouse