The Eden Pump at Snug Cove

It is apparent reading "The Gazeteer of Australian Colonies" written and published by George Wells (1848) that a general dislike by ships captains of the Snug Cove anchorage adjacent to the "Government Township" was partly held for the reason that visiting vessels could not obtain water or supplies at this location. At this time, even if a ship was not dependent upon steam for propulsion a considerable amount of fresh water was carried in Iron "Ships Tanks" below decks, not just for the benefit of persons on board, but, in many cases, for the watering of livestock transported around the colony. Eden and her citizens were being frowned upon simply because the town could not provide water at that time.


It would seem inconceivable that this part of town would go without access to fresh water for another 50 years however little information is forthcoming.

In "Eden revisited" a pictorial history of Eden, the late Rene Davidson draws attention (pages 53,54 and 55) to the existence of a "Town Pump" on the flat land at Snug Cove.

One would assume that steamers of the Illawarra Company would require vast quantities of fresh water during their service to the port of Twofold Bay 1856 to 1960, and it is known that they used a Coal Bunker adjacent to the wharf. However ,the writer cannot comment one way or the other about these ships water carrying capacity or their need to take on water for the return to Port Jackson.


Other historic photos possibly taken after 1900 show two large overhead tanks on a stand near the wharf but it is not known if these were filled from the hand pump.