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Plant vegies and save your money

What to sow now

corn salad       
spring onion

Keep planting grescpaen manure crops into harvested areas dig under about six weeks after sowing.

Garden planning
Decide what to plant
Not much space in your garden?

Concentrateon plants with a good return for the space they use.

Either choose plants for quickreturns, such as lettuce and radish, or those
that produce abundantly over a long period, such as tomato, silverbeet and sprouting broccoli.  If you have slightly more space, beetroot, snow pea, bean and cucumber are good choices. Bega Valley Seed Savers website

Bega Valley Seed Savers is a volunteer group — part of a national network — that grows, saves, cleans, stores and distributes seeds of edible and useful plants. The group meets usually once each month at the SCPA market in Littleton Gardens, Bega.


Eden boasts a small group of seed savers, part of Bega Valley Seed Savers, in turn part of SCPA South East Producers. Why Save Seeds when you can buy a packet from a garden shop? By doing so we develop strains of plants especially fitted to our local area – we can have tastier Cabbage, Tomatoes, Carrots, and so on. BVSS is a group of volunteers who conserve naturally pollinated often Heritage varieties of seed for use in the local area, at the same time spreading them around.


EDEN Seed savers
How to start! People grow vegetables at home if they allow a few plants to flower and grow to seed with a few simple rules they can save those seeds, they are now on the way to joining in the Seed Saver Group.

The volunteers meet every fourth Friday 9 -12 at the Bega Markets, to save, sort, dry, store and share as well as package and distribute as many seeds as possible. Here in Eden packets of seeds are available at Sprout Eden and Nethercote Produce Markets. Mick and I try to keep up the stock. We want to hear from anyone who wants more information, or who would like to join us in Eden to grow, collect, treat, and package etc. these seeds.

BVSS have held a couple of workshops in Eden over the last couple of years with enough interest expressed, a couple of Volunteers could come and engage us in another one.