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Passion Fruit Woes

  1. Most likely answer is lack of boron. In addition to regular use of complete fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter Advanced for fruit and Citrus, use Yates Trace Element Mix every 3 months, or every two months if soil is very sandy. This should help the flowers hold, as will avoiding fluctuations in soil moisture

  2. You may have applied way too much nitrogen and no other major nutirent, namely potassium and phosphorus. Supplementing every month with sulphate of potash will help balance the equation. fertilise spring summer and autumn with Dynamic Lifter for citrus from now on, and supplement with a trace element mixture spring and autumn, don't use sulphate of ammonia.

  3. Passionfruit vines rely on insects for pollination and sometimes adverse weather conditions can interfer with the pollination process by upseting the bees or by ruining the pollen. What you can do is to hand pollinate a few flowers to ensure at least some fruit. Passionfruit requires a warm sunny spot in your garden to grow well, so make sure your vine require sun for most of the day. Ample watering during the warm summer months is also a must. Fertilise with a well balanced fertiliser such as Thrive Granular Citrus food to make sure that your vine receives the necessary nutrients it needs to give green healthy foliage and juicy fruit.

  4. There can be a few reasons why your passionfruit vine is not setting fruit.
  • Passionfruit do best in a warm, protected sunny spot.
  • Poor pollination – the bees not present or not doing their job.
  • Heavy rains – reducing the viability of the pollen.
  • Temperatures either being too high or too low.
  • Extended perids of overcast weather may cause the flower to drop.
  • You might like to prune back your vine at the end of winter/beginning of spring. Fruit is produced on the current season’s growth, so removal of old wood and excessive end growth will keep the vine under control and will also encourage growth that will bear fruit.