From a (retired) pastor’s pen                          April 15, 2019


One of the privileges living in Eden is being able to watch the sea. Sometimes the sea can be really rough and the waves will pound over the rocks and over the beach. At other times the sea can be really calm and, I for one think to myself, “am I at the same place at which the sea was so rough just a few days ago?”

This Easter, as Christians around the world prepare to remember the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, we can use this time to celebrate something that never changes.

Right from the very beginning of time God had intended all of his creation to live in harmony with him. Through the actions of one man a great divide was established that broke the ability for mankind to live in harmony with God.

The apostle Paul writes the following words in his letter to Christians in Rome, “God put his love on the line for us by offering his son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.”

This act of reconciliation, established two thousand years ago, is just as effective now as it was then. God’s plan for re-establishing harmony has not, will not, and doesn’t need to change in any way shape or form.

In a world in which changes happens every day, it is really special to see that God’s love never changes.


 Brian formerly of Eden Church of Christ, 6496 3367