From a (retired) pastor’s pen     May 6, 2019


Over these past weeks many of us have taken time to be thankful for sacrifices made on our behalf. Easter is a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made by giving His life to give all of us a way to gain freedom from the penalty of our sin. ANZAC Day is a time to remember the servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives, or health, to give us freedom from oppression and domination.

As next Sunday is Mother’s Day, many of us will take time to reflect on the impact and contribution mothers are making, or have made, to our lives. Sometimes, when I acted in a more considerate way towards my Mother on a Mother’s Day, I would be encouraged to; Not, just treat Mother nicely on Mother’s Day but, honour her EVERY day of the year.

God wants each of us to be a close and respectful relationship with Him every day. Do we reflect on the greatness of His character regularly each day or are we sidetracked and think about him only when we have time, or need His help?

God wants to be part of our lives every day and the psalmist, writing in Psalm 34 has penned the following words; “I will always thank the Lord; I will never stop praising him. I will praise him for what he has done; … Proclaim with me the Lord’s greatness; let us praise his name together. ”

Let’s be encouraged by these words and use each day to honour God and then honour his name as a very regular part of each day.


 Brian formerly of Eden Church of Christ, 6496 3367