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Towamba Spinners Group

The Towamba Spinners are a social group which meet at the local Towamba Community Hall every Tuesday from 11AM to 4PM. New members or visitors, both female or male, are most welcome to come along and share their passion with all and exchange ideas and knowledge.


The members obtain most of their fleece from locally produced animals – whether it be sheep, goats, alpaca, just to name a few varieties.


The fleece may be used for a variety of items of clothing and articles eg: cardigan, jumper, vest, shawl, hat, scarf, socks, slippers, blanket, bed spread, etc.


You can knit, crochet, dye, card, weave or felt any of the fleece or use any combination of fleece, it is only limited by your imagination.


The Towamba Spinners are involved with other like- minded spinning groups throughout the area. They also travel to other various centres eg: Eden, Canberra, Cooma, Bendigo, where they enjoy the social interaction and exchange different ideas on fleeces, fibres, techniques, from the different suppliers both commercial and locally produced.


This photo shows the intricate design knitted into this superbly crafted Christening Shawl. Hand spun with the silky Angora Goat Fleece.



 Colours of grey and pink enhance the abstract pattern on this Longline Vest made with the textured merino wool. Hand spun and knitted by one of the members of the Towamba Spinners Group












 Towamba Spinners







Towamba spinners