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If you  earn less than $50,000 you could be eligable for free help with lodging your tax returns.

Tax Help will be available at the Eden Access Centre from August.

While the Tax Help service will not commen
ce on 26th July, bookings can be made now. To make your appointent drop into the Eden Access Centre or give us a ring on 6496 3870


You will need to bring the following when attending your Tax Help appointment:

  • You need to have a myGov account before you can lodge an etax. 
    If have a mygov account bring your User ID and password
  • Your tax File Number
  • Bank account detailes - BSB and Account number
  • Last years notice of assessment from the tax office
  • PAYG payent summary (group certificate)
  • Centrelink payment summery (if applicable)
  • Dividend Statement (if applicable)
  • Record of deductions
  • If you had a spouse (married or de-facto) at any time during the financial year, you also need to bring details of their taxable income or a reasonable estimate.

More information about the program


Information for customers lodging Tax Returns:
To lodge your tax return on line you will need a myGov account.

To create a myGov account go to my.Gov.au and select create a myGov account. Follow the instructions. You will need an email address to create a myGov account – if you do not have one you can create a Hotmail or gmail account.*

All returns must be started using myTax- it works on almost any device connected to the internet – meaning you can lodge your personal tax return from a computer, smartphone or tablet – anywhere, anytime.

You can access myTax through your myGov account – at my.gov.au – or from the ATO app on smart phones and tablets. After accessing your myGov account, navigate to the ATO's online services, and click on the myTax quick link.

When you begin your return, myTax will ask you to confirm your contact and financial institution details are up to date.

Next, myTax will ask you a handful of tick-box questions about your income, investments, government payments, and deductions. Some of these may already be selected if information has been provided to the ATO by your employer, banks, private health fund, and other government agencies such as Centrelink – simplifying the process for you.

Once you've ticked all the boxes that apply to you, myTax will generate your tax return. But if your tax affairs are too complex for myTax, myTax will direct you to the download page for e-tax – the online tax return for people with more complex tax affairs.

Once you have completed your tax return please remember to log out of myGov.


* If you need assistance to create an email account please ask one of our friendly volunteers.
* If you need help to lodge your on line return – make an appointment to see Vera our Tax Help Volunteer – she will be at the Centre every Friday.


SCAM ALERT: Scammers are using the Australian Tax Office logo to make their emails look authentic. This email indicates that you may have a tax refund which takes you to a website using myGov logos. If you receive an email such as this - do not click any links. Forward it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then delete it immediately.


From time to time the ATO may contact individuals by phone, email or post, including about unclaimed superannuation, tax returns, outstanding debts or other matters.

If in doubt about the authenticity of an email that you receive from the ATO, contact them on one of their publicly listed numbers to verify the legitimacy.

Visit: https://www.ato.gov.au/Abou.../About-us/Contact-us/Phone-us/