Teresa Brown - Candlemaker


Teresa has been making candles and wooden blocks for 3 years.



She went to America to visit her daughter and they decided to try a course in candle making. They learnt from a descendant of a Navajo Indian. Teresa was hooked and went as often as possible in the 3 months she was there.



She makes the candles with 100% soy wax so the cup or ornament can be washed out with soapy water and doesn't leave a waxy residue. When she makes pillars; she makes a mixture with soy and paraffin wax. Soy wax doesn't smoke but paraffin wax does and leaves a residue.



Teresa has 60 different fragrances and 12 colours to choose from. Teresa also has wax melts that are used in the top of burners instead of oil and water mixture and they are $1.00 each. These wax melts can be doubled in fragrance.




The craziest candle she has made was for a relative who wanted dragon blood fragrance so when it melted it looked like blood.



Teresa also makes wooden blocks out of pine wood then she decorates them with paint or how people want them to be. The most common are children's names and Mr and Mrs. The child's name can be displayed in their bedrooms with these blocks as some names are hard to find with their spelling. She also has done Thomas the Tank Engine, fairies, angels, elves to floral ones for grandmas and mothers.



Teresa makes the orders and delivers them on her way to Melbourne, meeting her clients at pre-arranged towns as posting candles can be expensive. Teresa does post the wooden blocks. She does lead lighting as well. On Facebook; Teresa's Handmade Candles, there are pictures of blocks, candles etc. fragrance list. All natural ingredients, kids blocks are non-toxic paints and glue.



On Facebook

Teresa's Handmade Candles
There are pictures of blocks, 

   candles etc. fragrance list



All natural ingredients, kids blocks are non-toxic paints and glue.