Shelly Nellie


As I am finding people to talk to for this website I had a chance to speak to a very talented person who makes jewellery, plates, dolls, and animals all out of sea shells. They are fantastic and I do hope anyone who visits or lives in Eden takes the time to look at these splendid creations at “Art On Imlay”.


“The first question I asked Shelly Nellie was: “What inspired you to make all these creations out of shells?”


“As a kid I was always walking along beaches and picking up shells and I collected them and thought why not make something out of the shells that people like.”


“I see. They are splendid by the way, next question: Are all of these creations handmade?”


“Yes they are. I have a slicing machine to slice the shells so I can create things with them; I am always using a glue gun so they stick together.”


“How long did it take for you to make the plate?”


“With the plate it took a fair while, I had to think about the right pattern for it. It does take a while to come up with pattern ideas for most of them. Once I have the pattern worked out I can put it all on but it is mostly the preparing of the shells to get it right, that takes most of the time.”


“It is amazing that you do all of this by hand.”


“Thank you”


 “I might have to buy some next time. How long have you been making all of these creations for?”


“I have been doing this for 30 years now, as I said I have been mucking around making different things since I was a kid.”


“Time fly’s when you are having fun.”


“That is exactly right.”


“Is there any current shell projects that you are working on?”


“Yes there is. It is as big as a door and it is hard work and time consuming. It is all dried sea creatures and it’s nearly finished. It has dried sting rays, crayfish and soldier crabs.”


“I can’t wait to see it someday hopefully. I noticed the necklaces and I am just wondering what they are made of.”

“Well this necklace here has some snake bones on it. It took me a while as well but it was fun.”


“Out of all these creations here which one is your favourite?”


“I would have to say this necklace down the end here. The shells on this one came from the local beach down here, from asling’s beach, it is definitely my favourite.”

 Well after that interview I am sure people will take time to look at these splendid creations at art on Imlay.