Nocturnal Hours


Some time ago we ran an article on an up and coming band called Nocturnal Hours. Since doing that interview the band have been busy rehearsing and recording their new self- titled EP.


Nocturnal Hours have had a small line-up change since our last interview and now have a new guitarist but you don’t have to worry about learning a new name as his name is Jack Balwin and he is an awesome base player too. Nocturnal Hours are still a five piece hard core metal band.

Zack Jenkin is the front man/ vocalist with the other Zac Alexander on guitar, Matt Olm on drums John Agnez on guitar.


The band is a result of the guys meeting at school. A common interest in the same genre of music and a love of performing saw the formation of their first band Infamous Impressions. They played lots of gigs before name and line-up changes.


Nocturnal Hours has picked up a reasonably strong fan base and many of them travel large distances to see them perform. The band members range in age from 16 to 18 and have been a headliner for more than a few oversees bandsThey are young but they are very mature in their attitudes to rehearsing, recording and Performing. The band rehearses regularly at the Jam Tin, Pambula and sessions can last up to seven or eight hours.


Nocturnal Hours have performed at events in Wollongong, Canberra, Picton, up and down the Sapphire Coast. They also played and acoustic version of one song at the Whale Festival in Eden, and were very well recieved.


Do yourselves a favour and check out this very serious and hard working hard core metal band. These guys have an amazing future ahead. Why not check out the bands Facebook Page.