Beryl Gamble

Beryl has always had a love to write. She has kept in touch with friends and family with letters, and kept a diary. As she has grown older, her diary has become more important, as she has become very forgetful and sometimes needs to look back in time to remember dates and appointments.


Beryl has written short stories and entered some, in competitions. She joined a local writer's group which was the best move, as she has made friends with the same interests, and learned so much more to do with construction of a story.


At last she plucked up the courage and began a story about her mother's family. Her mother had four sisters and one brother. Beryl thought it would be wonderful to have a sister, rather than her two older brothers, so she began to write a family story. It was based on her mother's sisters, but fictionalised. Beryl had the basis for this story in truth. Her mother's older sister became pregnant out of wedlock, considered then to be a shameful thing.


The finished story told truthfully, how her Nan banished her daughter from the family home. This Beryl found hard to believe, as she knew her Nan to be an affectionate and loving person. But it is true. Nan's unmarried sister took the poor girl into her home and cared for her while she was pregnant, and after the birth. The whole incident was kept secret from the other children, in fact Mum only found out about it as an adult.


This true story made such an impression on Beryl, that it inspired her to write it down; of course turning it into fiction. So this became Beryl's first published book. Such excitement! So a sequel followed, then another family story. Now Beryl is engaged in a memoir of her own life. At this stage no title, but she is sure it will come.