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Creative Writing
A poem written by a keen Eden gardener, who is being plagued by fruit bats in her fruit trees.


Eden Visitors

Silently, they sat below

The fire ringed hills –

Sheltering among the gums

Laden with white honey blossom

In the smoke filled gullies of the coast


Black velvet clouds slid slowly

Up from the south;

Darkest night receding – so very quiet.

First early breeze bringing

Gentle showers of new life.


A murmur rolled about the flock,

A hum – no more – instantly

They left he trees, wheeling

Above the shrouded valley,

Down to the town – still, sleeping – by the sea.


Steady rain on iron rooves

Leaching welcome gurgles into empty tanks

Woke us – Joy! Relief!

Outside, half eatenfruit, decimated crops

Littered across back gardens.

Another price of summer

Yet to be paid.


 By Bev Jackson



Cattle Bay by Rob Whiter

The Precious Ones by Jennifer Austen


Tamika Townsend

Toothdale, NSW

Tamika Townsend was a winner in the ABC's 2009 Heywire competition.
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Photos taken by Rob Whiter of the sunrise over Snug Cove on 19.3.2009

Photos by Doug Schofield while he was a student at Eden Marine High School